How can First Financial obtain higher rates than most local banks?
First Financial researches and analyzes banks throughout the country and selects those offering rates that are higher than typically found at local banks.

How secure are the banks that First Financial presents to its customers?
First Financial utilizes only banks that meet high criteria in capitalization ratios and have outstanding scores from independent rating agencies.

Is First Financial FDIC insured?
No.  First Financial is not a bank. 

Which banks will First Financial present?
First Financial utilizes numerous banks that meet our rating criteria and are willing to pay above average yields on deposits.  In most cases, two or three different institutions will be presented.

What is the procedure to open an account through First Financial?
It's easy!  The process is similar to being at the bank.  Necessary items are proper identification, such as a driver's license, social security number, address, date of birth, and a copy of a living trust if applicable.  Most banks accept personal checks, money market checks, and cashier's checks made out for the exact amount of the new account.  The New Accounts Representative will handle the entire transaction.

How long will it take to open an account?
That depends on how many questions you have.  The New Accounts Representative will answer all questions and review the procedures involved in opening an account.  Two or three different account options will be presented, with varying rates and maturities.  In some cases, interest rates higher than the advertised rate will be offered.  You will then choose the account that best suits your needs and objectives.

To whom should I make my deposit check payable?
The check must be payable to the financial institution chosen, not First Financial.

What proof of deposit do I receive on the day of the transaction?
A receipt as well as copies of the application and check are provided at the time of the deposit.  Within 10-15 business days, a certificate or confirmation of the deposit, along with a signature card and a welcome kit will be received from the issuing institution.

What happens when my CD matures?
The financial institution, as well as First Financial, will send maturity notices.  Redemption procedures vary from bank to bank.  The New Accounts Representative will review the redemption procedure at the time the account opens.

After an account is opened, where can I obtain service?
First Financial stays in contact with all of the utitlized institutions and is able to assist with any questions or service during the term of deposit.  Therefore, service can be obtained from your local First Financial office or you may choose to obtain service directly from the financial institution of your account through their toll-free number.

Are there any costs or fees involved in the transaction?
There are no sales charges or administration fees involved with any of our accounts; 100% of the deposit earns interest and is returned at maturity.

Can an account be opened through the mail?
No, all accounts must be opened in person with a New Accounts Representative.  Signatures must be witnessed and notarized when necessary.

What other services are available? 
All of the Independant Agents are Authorized to represent Banking and Insurance Products. Typical Bank products and or Life Insurance and Annuity Products may by presented. 

We warmly invite you to contact us with any further questions you may have.