Our Founder

Richard Matlock Schilleman, founder of First Financial Guarantee is a well-known financial educator in the Tampa Bay area.  He has counseled thousands of seniors on how to increase their income and reduce their income taxes.  Matlock has advised over 2,000 families over the last 38 years.  He has helped pre-retirees from most of the major companies in the U.S. preserve and make their retirement nest egg grow.

Matlock is a graduate of Arizona State University where he majored in Finance with a specialty in Portfolio Management.  He has used his financial acumen to benefit thousands of Florida retirees as well as clients in Texas, Arizona, and Hawaii.  Founder of Money Wise Financial Services, Inc and Emerald Coast Financial, LLC, Matlock has trained and supervised dozens of specialists in financial, tax, insurance, and estate planning.

When he's not busy helping people, Matlock's hobbies vary from golf to scuba diving.